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History and Information.

  Have you ever wondered, just how much your old vintage RC car might be worth ??? Collectors are always on the lookout for quality vintage models, and you might have one just laying in the attic collecting dust.

  If your model is rare, even a clapped out old banger could be worth a small fortune, just for its parts.

  Maybe you have an old RC car and don't know the make, model, or even its scale. If so, check out our "How to Identify your RC Model Car" article.

  Perhaps you are a collector, or have an old car that needs some parts to repair it. RC models from most manufacturers use parts from other "similar chassis" models, and if available, we mention it in our write-up.

  A huge number of RC models are now made in Asia, and sold by western countries under their own brand name, for example: Ofna models are made by Hobao and Hong-Nor, who also sell the same models under their own brand names, therefore the parts for these models are interchangeable.

  Since 1999 we have listed, reviewed and archived over 4000 different Electric and Nitro (Gas) models, from over 60 different Manufacturers and Distributors, going back as far as 1971, and ranging from 1:5 to 1:24 Scale, with new and iconic vintage models being added all the time, if your model isn't here now, there's a good chance it could be added at some point in the future.

  Each model page has a number of Images, some basic information, any history and for the more iconic models, a short review.

  Based on my many years of experience, I have written a wide range of articles, designed for those new to the hobby, written in plain simple language, covering most of the common problems and issues beginners may encounter.

  You will also find a page entitled "How to Set-Up your Car like the Professionals", to help newcomers and experienced racers alike, with simple step by step instructions to guide you to the perfect set-up for you on any type of track.

  Finally, good luck with your hobby and good racing.

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